Live-Synthetic, highly realistic training solutions, off the shelf.

Voisus® is a powerful suite of field-proven communications and sound products that can be quickly integrated to meet your live, virtual, constructive, and gaming needs.

Voisus is ideal for military & civil training applications, wargaming, experimentation & live test ranges. Use Voisus for:

Voisus Product Family

Voisus is a suite of modular products that provide advanced simulation-based features, including interoperable voice comms and synthetic 3D sound, which deliver lifelike effects and integrate into LVC-G environments.

  • Comms apps provide access to virtual radios, intercoms, conference & direct calling, text chat
  • Intuitive comm panels and MIL radio skins run on Windows & Linux desktops & mobile devices
  • Advanced virtual comms for serious games; integrates with VBS™, Unity, and CryENGINE
  • Standard or DIY user interface customization
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  • Add voice & radio to game avatars and entities; realize synthetic, automated role-players
  • Animate radios operating in LVC-G environments
  • Speech recognition and intelligent behaviors enable interactive tactics training and mission rehearsal
  • Integrates with serious games and SAFs
  • Low-overhead tools enable instructors to easily author and run scenarios
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  • Integrated LVC-G voice comms made simple
  • Crossband dissimilar radios—AM talks to FM
  • Conserve precious live MIL assets: multiple operators gain collective access to radios
  • Network radio repeating between distant sites
  • Control downrange radios from a web browser
  • Compatible with MIL & civil radios, including: Plain-Cipher, SINCGARS, HAVEQUICK, JTRS
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  • Network capture & replay for after action review
  • Centralized, web-based configuration and management
  • Capture any combination of DIS traffic
  • Simplify AAR using rules-based filters, time stamping and event annotation
  • Integrates easily with VBS™
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  • Links synthetic 3D sounds to moving entities for a highly believable, immersive experience with enhanced training benefits
  • Embedded, physics-based algorithms realize dynamically 3D positioned sounds, providing excellent directionality and ranging cues
  • Integrates with serious games and SAFs
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  • Streamlined access to PSTN, VoIP and mobile phone assets, live land-mobile and military radios, network-based simulated radios, and conferencing capabilities
  • Use the Voisus web interface to create and manage custom GUIs for each of your roles
  • Remotely control radio operating parameters including frequency, modulation type, power level, and squelch
  • Access as many radios, intercoms, and phone lines as your project requires
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Voisus Developer Suite

ASTi offers a number of different ways to interact with and manage our Voisus communications products.

From desktop clients for PCs to realistic radio skins on mobile tablets to browser-based comms clients, ASTi probably already makes a user interface that will meet your requirements. But in the unlikely event that our suite of interfaces doesn't quite fit the bill, we also provide, at no cost, a way for our customers to develop their own applications, and integrate them directly with the Voisus comms environment.

Roll Your Own Client

If you want to design your own client user interface, the Voisus Remote Client Control (VRCC) library puts the power of Voisus Clients in your hands. This cross-platform C++ library allows developers to create powerful custom applications that enjoy the same capabilities as ASTi's own Voisus Client programs. ASTi's Voisus Software Development Kit (SDK) provides documentation as well as sample C++ and C# code that demonstrates how to get started using the library to connect to the Voisus server, configure the client, interact with radios, stream audio, and more. In fact, our developers use this same VRCC library and Voisus SDK to create our standard user interfaces.

Standard Voisus client

Voisus client with radio skin

Voisus Server Control

For many customers, having a custom Voisus Client GUI is sufficient for their training needs. But if you wish to "white-label" or provide closer integration to instructor stations, ASTi gives you a way to programatically configure the Voisus Server. The Voisus Server HTTP API relies on modern web technologies to provide a self-documenting, RESTful interface which allows customer-developed programs access to, and control of, Voisus's powerful features.

Via the Voisus API, customers may:

  • Create, configure, update and delete Scenarios, Roles, Radios, and Commplans
  • Manage client connection settings
  • Run and stop Scenarios
  • Download Voisus client applications
  • Monitor exercise radio traffic
  • Modify network configuration

For example, some customers use the HTTP API (HAPI) to integrate the configuration and management of Voisus directly into their Instructor Operator Station. This allows the networked communication system to be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the simulation center.

Learn more by viewing our API documentation on the Voisus Support page. You can also join us on Github.

Contact us to learn how Voisus can meet your simulation needs, or subscribe to stay up to date with the latest Voisus developments.