Networked Voice-Over-IP Comms

Voisus Clients provide networked voice communications on a variety of user interfaces, including PCs, tablets, and hardware-based operators.


  • Simulated radio nets
  • Intercom channels
  • Realistic radio effects
  • Point-to-point and conference calling
  • Text chat
  • Live radio comms and control

User Interfaces

Leverage existing IT assets with ASTi’s software clients for web browsers, PCs, tablets, and serious games. No computers? No problem. Networked audio and control-interface distribution modules provide operator stations where you need them.


Simulated radios and VoIP comms on your Windows or Linux PC.

  • Ready-to-use client and controls
  • Add realistic radio or comm panel skins
  • Customize for your training
  • Point-to-point and conference calling; text chat

Serious Games

ASTi’s high-fidelity radio environment replaces simple in-game comms.

  • In-game communications controls
  • VBS™, Unity, Prepar3D and more
  • Integrate with your own game app
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Comms and controls on a convenient touchscreen.

  • Ready-to-use client and controls
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Add realistic radio or comm panel skins
  • Customize for your training

Radio Panels

The look and feel of a real radio at a fraction of the cost.

  • Add realistic controls to virtual comms
  • Train with familiar interfaces such as PRC-117F, SINCGARS, FFCS/VIC
  • Increase immersion
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Place operators anywhere. No PC required.

Live Radios

Connect and control live radio assets.

  • Integrate live and virtual comms (LVC-G)
  • Link radio comms between remote sites
  • Share live assets among distributed operators
  • PRC-117F/G, URC-200 and more
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Clients On Demand

The Voisus platform is highly scalable. Add more clients wherever there is access to the network.

Simple Configuration

Use the Voisus web interface to quickly and easily author an exercise scenario for your specific training needs. Radio parameters are fully customizable.

Learn more about Voisus Clients in ASTi's Voisus Client User Guide.