Command a virtual platoon in a serious game, request fire support from a virtual pilot, confirm enemy movements in a virtual TOC, all with your own voice. Create an active communications environment with accurate, situational radio chatter and interactions to fully immerse and challenge trainees. Replace human role players and reduce instructor workload with voice-enabled intelligent agents, lowering costs and increasing training efficiency.

Voice-Enabled Entities

Add voice interaction and communications to intelligent agents. Create and integrate custom behaviors. Create intelligent entities which communicate and respond based on what they know, and what they hear.

Automated Comms

Let Construct do the talking. Automate voice interactions in response to real-time events. Create richness and realism with multiple voices, background sounds, and radio effects. Build a complex environment with multiple roles and entities.

Interactive Voice

Face-to-face voice interactions with game avatars add a new dimension to serious games. Voices carry through the 3D environment and realistically drop in volume with distance.

Advanced Speech Recognition

Integrated, context aware, and optimized, Construct's speech recognition capabilities establish the foundation for voice-enabled applications. Its flexibility and adaptability deliver performance for specific applications and environments (e.g., JTAC, CAS, CFF, ATC).

High-Fidelity Radio Simulation

Radio and comms simulation is the same high-fidelity solution used in all ASTi products. Entities communicate and interoperate with everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated training applications without compromising immersion and realism.

Intelligent Communications

Create intelligent communications behaviors within Construct or interface with your own or third-party AI. Either way, Construct gives you the flexibility to quickly add simple to complex behavior models wherever you need them.

Automated Voice Interactions

Quickly sequence radio calls for voice interactions, including:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Close Air Support / Call for Fire
  • GMDSS Communications
  • Medevac
  • NBC reports

Construct automates the interactions to provide a hands-off tool for instructors, which reduces workload and role-playing demands.

High-Fidelity Communications

Reproduce the content and behavior of real-world communications inside your training system using Construct. Entities adhere to the communications plan and feature radios with realistic cryptography, propagation, and distortion effects. Trainees tune to multiple communications nets, each with mission-customized and contextually-accurate radio traffic. Converse with the entities face-to-face in 3D game environments or over simulated radios.

Intelligent Speech-Enabled Entities

Construct solves the problems of near-empty airwaves and manpower-intensive role playing by creating intelligent entities that interact verbally with trainees. Realistic entities are easier than ever to create thanks to tightly integrated speech recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Construct takes communications training to the next level of fidelity.

  • Runs on the Voisus communications platform
  • Transmits voice on simulated and live radios
  • Add communication behaviors to any simulation entity
  • 3D positioning of voice and radio transmissions
  • Simplified deployment using the Voisus web interface

Flexible and Low Overhead

The Construct API and easy-to-use web interface support quickly adding communications capabilities to entities in any simulation. Construct works with entities in Virtual Battlespace (VBS) and other serious games, and can enhance semi-automated forces originating from other simulation systems. Contact ASTi to discover how Construct can best fit into your training solution.

  • Realtime views of entity speech and radio events
  • Customizable radio phraseology and voice interactions
  • Highly accurate text-to-speech and speech recognition
  • Realistic radio noise and distortion effects
  • RESTful HTTP interface for systems integration