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ASTi's voice-over-IP communications and audio systems deliver an immersive, realistic training experience and equip trainees for action. Our products are fielded in a diverse range of applications, from embedded comms and audio subsystems in the world's most sophisticated full-flight simulators to software plugins that extend the training capabilities of serious games.


Ready-to-Deploy Comms and Audio

Voisus is a modular, ready-to-deploy product family that delivers communications and 3D sound to Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming domains.

Representative applications: Military command training centers, serious game tactics training, low-cost convoy trainers, and LVC-G facilities.

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Custom Solution Comms and Audio

Telestra is ASTi's sound and communications system with a custom model development environment.

Representative applications: High-fidelity, networked military flight simulators, civil aviation flight simulators (FAA Level D certified), nuclear power station trainers, ship bridges and weapons center control rooms.

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A complete virtual comms and radio environment app that provides portable, plug-and-play DIS/HLA interoperation to your PC-based training system.

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Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC

SERA transparently creates a dynamic, artificially intelligent environment filled with other aircraft and air traffic controllers to increase the realism of flight training, and provides a truly immersive ATC and traffic experience in the air and on the ground.

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Unified Comms

Seamlessly integrate voice communications across public and private telephone networks, land-mobile and military radios, mobile devices, and PCs for cross-band, inter-platform communications with audio archival and replay.

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Commercial Simulation

Our significant audio and sound system experience is reflected by the number of fielded ASTi systems certified at or above FAA Level C and D specs. ASTi's commercial package boasts a powerful Telestra processor providing 64 channels of up to 48kHz audio.

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DIS Tool for Windows®

Redsim provides a suite of Windows-based DIS tools to facilitate the configuration, testing, fault finding and monitoring of simulators operating with the DIS protocol.

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Comms Logger

Using our back-end network logging technology, ASTi has created Comms Logger, a tactical comms archiving and retrieval tool. This single app records Radio over IP, network intercom, calling and conferencing, VoIP and public telephone traffic for easy retrieval and review.

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Information Assurance and Security

ASTi's built-in security features safeguard customers' sensitive information. Additional Information Assurance packages ease ATO compliance and meet the most rigorous government standards. ASTi offers multiple levels of IA services to meet a range of customer requirements.

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