ASTi products are widely used across air, land and sea simulator programs, command and control centers, combined arms, and mission command & mission rehearsal training applications.

ASTi's Voisus® product line is particularly well suited for non-immersive and semi-immersive training platforms. This includes low-cost, desktop, game-based, and domed trainers. Voisus supports large numbers of distributed operators, radio environment modeling, point-to-point and conferencing intercom capabilities, entity-tracking 3D synthetic sound and a wide variety of user interfaces (including hardware- and software-emulated military tactical gear).

ASTi’s Telestra™ product line is designed for ultimate configurability for high-fidelity communications and sound modeling that integrates with immersive simulator platforms. Telestra includes a software development toolkit that is used to implement modeling of voice and datalink communications, electronic warfare and navigation systems, and environmental soundscapes.