Built for creating sound for training applications with large indoor areas, Earshot™ lets trainees move around in their environment and still experience a full, realistic soundscape. Domes, ship bridge simulators, and serious games can all benefit from the superior directionality and sonic modeling. Earshot comes with built-in libraries and generates audio dynamically from network entities making it easy to set up, use, and maintain.

3D Sound

Theater sound systems rely on the listener's orientation, but Earshot works in every direction. By reconstructing the entire virtual sound field, trainees can now turn and move within the space and still fully experience accurate directionality and sound effects.

Built-In Libraries

Pre-packaged models and sound effect libraries include multiple vehicles, aircraft, weapons, and detonations already tuned by subject matter experts. Add new entity mappings to further enhance your sound environment.

High-Fidelity Effects

Physics-based modeling takes into account speed of sound delays, reverberation, and Doppler effects. Audio is attenuated based on distance, and accurate modeling produces changes to sounds based on virtual entity orientation.

Synthesized Audio

Fully synthesized aircraft—not just sound files—create an immersive and finely tuned environment. Dynamic generation of engines, rotor blades, transmissions, and other elements enable the creation and control of accurate sound effects during all stages of flight.

Adapts to YOUR Setup

There is no need to tune Earshot based on your simulator's configuration. Earshot works with any speaker layout including difficult speaker locations and complex installations. Simply tell it where your speakers are located, and Earshot automatically adapts itself to your application.

Easy Integration

Earshot picks up entities and locations directly from the network to provide proper sounds and orientation. The system can be set up in less than 15 minutes. Identify the point of view, configure speaker count and position, and Earshot does the rest.

Beyond 5.1

ASTi's Earshot offers distinct advantages over the traditional 5.1-channel surround sound system, which only supports six speaker channels in fixed positions (left, center, right, left rear, right rear, and a subwoofer.)

Earshot supports virtually unlimited channels with audio in all three dimensions (left/right, front/rear, and up/down) for a highly immersive experience. One or more speakers above the user will help them perceive the vertical position of entities such as planes and helicopters.

Physics-Based Modeling

Earshot's embedded, physics-based algorithms provide excellent directionality and ranging cues. Frequency-dependent level attenuation ensures that lower frequency components of sounds such as explosions travel further than their high frequency counterparts.

Sound Library

Earshot includes a sound library with synthesized audio for entities, munitions, and detonations to provide orientation and environmental information to the observer.

Integrates with Serious Games and SAFs

Earshot recognizes standard entity types and integrates easily with serious games and semi-automated forces (SAFs).