Connect tactical radios, analog and digital intercoms, public and private telephone and other voice communications systems to your network infrastructure to link with centralized ASTi servers and attain powerful capabilities:

  • Ubiquitous, unified voice-anywhere capabilities
  • Connect PCs, radios, telephones and even simulators in any conceivable configuration
  • Long-haul radios across IP networks for extended, beyond line-of-sight operation
  • Group conference of multiple radios
  • Crossband interoperability between disparate radio types (e.g., AM to FM)
  • Remotely control downrange radios
  • Digitally logged voice traffic

Remote radio control provides system administrators with the capability to use a web interface to reach across networks to adjust settings, and monitor the health/status of downrange radios. This powerful remote management capability allows users to quickly diagnose and remedy communications issues using minimal, centrally-located staff.

Example Applications