The Telestra is a mature, fully featured audio and communications system designed for modeling and simulation. Reproduce radios, intercom systems, navigation aids, and the entire communications suite of a vehicle, aircraft or ship. Tune the engines, weapons, propellers, and rotors to create an immersive audio environment. With a robust tool set and development environment, Telestra can be customized to fit any simulator—land, sea, or air.

Mature Product

First introduced in 2006, Telestra has been a reliable workhorse. ASTi has delivered thousands of Telestra systems for a wide variety of applications and simulators, and the input from our customers has made all the difference. ASTi continues to develop new, high-fidelity features while keeping the product stable and robust.

Telestra Product Suite

Designed to accommodate the distributed nature of today's simulation systems and architectures, Telestra products offer a new wide range of powerful methods of model development, scalable solutions, and maintenance for both single and networked ASTi devices.

ACE Software

ACE sound and communications software provides high fidelity radio simulation and environmental cue modeling. The Telestra Target hosts a powerful suite of server-based applications, enhancing the capabilities of the simulated communications environment. Click on a capability below to learn more: