Telestra Studio

Studio is a powerful suite of Telestra software applications offering remote, network-based sound and communications model development, management and debug, communications planning, exercise monitoring and management, and equipment status and configuration. Studio provides remote access to all networked simulation models and equipment from a central location.


  • Targeted use of Telestra software featuring visual and text-based GUI elements to speed model development, test and debug
  • Remote access to any ASTi model or equipment over LAN/WAN
  • Remote model development support for any number of networked Telestra servers
  • Real-time model development, management and debug
  • Remote model debug and management over local and wide area networks supporting one-to-many connection Telestra servers, including diskless servers
  • Extensive communications and sound modeling component libraries
  • Centralized exercise and communications planning and monitoring
  • Equipment status and configuration
  • Legacy equipment upgrade support

Two Studio Configurations

Studio Development Workstation:

  • Features Studio software suite integrated on an ASTi Telestra platform
  • System is preconfigured at the factory, and ships ready-to-use
  • Telestra platform is an industrial-rackmount package, with high performance Intel CoreTM Duo processor and removable HDD
  • Studio development workstation and Telestra server products are based on the same Telestra platform, which facilitates commonality of components for spare equipment

Studio VM:

  • Studio VM is a software-only product which runs as a virtual machine (VM) on a customer-furnished computer
  • Available at no additional cost, with the purchase of an ASTi Telestra server
  • Provides the same powerful Studio software suite as the Development Workstation
  • Run seamlessly on Windows® or Linux computers
  • Eliminates the need for additional, dedicated processing platforms
  • Provides the ability to run multiple versions of Studio on the same computer
  • Reduces cold start procedure time
  • Simply install Studio VM on a computer1 running VMware Player and provide a network connection to your ASTi Telestra servers

1 Computer must meet minimum requirements.