Cross-Domain Solution for RoIP Communications


Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)
711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW)


The AFRL selected ASTi to develop new capabilities for an advanced technology demonstration. The Secure Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Advanced Training Environment (SLATE) project integrates live combat aircraft, virtual simulators, and computer-generated forces, adding a new level of depth and realism to pilot training.

U.S. Air Force SLATE demonstration, Phase I photo by William Graver

U.S. Air Force SLATE demonstration, Phase I photo by William Graver

Challenges &

The challenge requirements are listed in blue; ASTi's applicable components are in black:

U.S. Air Force SLATE demonstration, Phase I photo by William Graver

U.S. Air Force SLATE demonstration, Phase I photo by William Graver

Aggressive Development Schedule

Rapidly develop and field new voice communication and cybersecurity technology; integrate and test with latest-generation tactical radios.

To establish a low-risk path for rapid implementation, ASTi based SLATE on components from the Voisus product line. Voisus consists of mature, Non-Developmental Items (NDI) that have field-proven interoperability with USAF Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) standards.

ASTi formed a cross-functional team to develop, field, and test the new technology. This team included the following:

  • Program management
  • Software development
  • Information assurance engineering
  • Product testing
  • Application engineering

Throughout the project, ASTi closely coordinated with AFRL staff, various government contractors, and the tactical radio manufacturer.

Cross-Domain Solution with Secure Communications

Provide cross-domain solution (CDS) voice links between unclassified and classified network domains.

ASTi implemented a field-proven and approved CDS capability that linked unclassified, live tactical radio traffic with four classified LVC network domains. This connection tied aircraft training at the live range to DMO simulation training assets.

Seamless Communications Across a Vast Range of Complex Simulators

Integrate latest-generation tactical radios, enable aircraft traveling vast distances to communicate, and provide interoperability with exercise staff and simulators dispersed across DoD networks.

ASTi developed a number of key RoIP innovations to implement a simulcast voice network. This network includes multiple radio and antenna installations that deliver constant communication among aircraft traversing hundreds of miles of mountainous terrain. Together, ASTi’s RoIP system and the USAF radio infrastructure provide an integrated super radio repeater. SLATE featured the first fieldings of several ASTi innovations:

  • Radio voting system that improves voice traffic quality, making it easier to understand
  • Live-simulated radio aggregator that combines duplicate voices, reducing network bandwidth
  • Direct networked interface to tactical radios that provides a total software solution for voice bridging and remote control, eliminating radio interface hardware

Components Deployed

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