I/ITSEC 2014 Overview

November 26, 2014

ASTi Booth: #1149

December 1–5, 2014
Orange County Convention Center
International Drive, Orlando, Florida

ASTi's I/ITSEC Profile

ASTi will showcase a number of new products and features of our Telestra and Voisus product lines at I/ITSEC this year.


At the booth, we will have a Close Air Support (CAS) training scenario that features the integration of ASTi's Voisus products with the VBS3™ gaming environment. This enables a JTAC trainee to participate in a collective mission, verbally commanding synthetic air attack and ground based entities. The scenario will also feature ASTi's high fidelity simulated radio environment and entity-driven 3D directional sound environment.

We will also demonstrate a flight training system in which ASTi provides a fully synthetic environment that simulates real-world elements, including: air traffic control (ATC) radio instruction, interactive radio comms with other aircraft, and a visual representation of air and ground traffic, as well as weather conditions. The ASTi system automatically monitors trainee performance and verbally communicates corrective actions.

New Features

  • Voice-enabled entities that interactively listen and respond to speech, replacing human role players.
  • High fidelity 3D directional sound environment that's automatically driven by simulation entities — no custom model development required!
  • Unified voice solutions for training and operational environments — integrating live radio, virtual radio, group intercom, VoIP, public telephone and text chat.
  • Cloud-based architecture and lightweight / low power, deployable platforms that deliver training to the point of need.
  • Low-overhead, web-enabled tools that allow training staff to focus on high-level objectives, not low-level technologies.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) giving developers access to ASTi core services, providing the ability to build customized COTS and GOTS applications.

Stop by Booth #1149 to experience demonstrations of our latest capabilities. We'll have ASTi development engineers onsite, so we can collaborate on solutions to your specific challenges. Drop us a line to schedule an appointment. We hope to see you there!

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