Earshot: A Realistic Soundscape for Your Military Operations Training

I/ITSEC 2014 | What's New

Military training installations seeking the lifelike sounds of battle including approaching aircraft, gunfire, radio communications and more can now take advantage of a perfect add-on solution to their combat training domes (e.g., IMTS), ship bridge simulators and other large, open training facilities.

ASTi's Earshot™ automatically generates an immersive 360-degree soundscape, accurately simulating battlefield and environment sounds. Earshot works out of the box—all that is needed is a network connection, the setting of observation points and the configuration of speakers.

Once deployed, it detects the virtual world location of simulation entities (ground vehicles, rotary and fixed wing aircraft, weapons fire, detonations, environment, etc.), and generates associated sounds that automatically track entity location, movement, velocity, and orientation. By reconstructing the entire virtual sound field, Earshot enables trainees to turn and move within the space and fully experience accurate directionality and sound effects.

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Photo By: Lance Cpl. Ryan Carpenter