International Software Maintenance

ASTi offers the latest ASTi software and operating system (OS) updates every quarter.

Program Benefits

In addition to the latest version of ASTi software, you’ll get:

  • Software re-host to new hardware at no additional software cost
  • Free upgrades to the next generation of ASTi software; requires a software maintenance contract through the full program life cycle
  • Priority return, evaluation, and repair status
  • OS updates
  • Optional embedded product support services

Note: Hardware, development,and program-specific support are not covered by the software maintenance agreement.

Types of Updates

Improvements common to all ASTi products include:

  • LVC standards compliance updates (SISO, DIS, HLA, CAF DMO, NCTE, etc.)
  • Interoperability compliance w/ latest industry standards (iSCSI, diskless, CAC, etc.)
  • CPU, loading, user interface and diagnostics optimization and improvements
  • Support for latest server deployment (ASTi hardware, CFE/GFE, virtualized) and audio I/O distribution hardware
  • Communications fidelity enhancements in radio modeling, jamming, crypto, etc.
  • Bug fixes and stuff... nobody’s perfect
  • New feature requests for possible inclusion in a future software release

Telestra customers will also get:

  • New/updated modeling components (comms, aural cue, control, etc.)
  • Level D and sound tuning improvements (expedited tuning, remote tuning, etc.)
  • API and interface enhancements

Voisus customers will also get:

  • New/updated software clients for new versions of the OS and serious games
  • API and interface enhancements

The above statements apply to International Customers, please see Software Maintenance if you are located in the U.S.