LVC and RoIP Comms Across all Deployment Types

Visit us at the ASTi booth for a lively discussion about how to deploy LVC communications in your computing environment, be that Resilient Cloud, Tactical Edge or On-Premise. You can test drive the new multi-level security radio features in Voisus's Flex Client, search Comms Logger RoIP range transcriptions for key phrases, or transmit and remote control radios over our Starlink satellite BLOS link. (Access to real satellites is contingent upon whether the convention center will allow us to cut a hole in the roof for an unobstructed view of the sky.)

Practice Your Pattern at Randolph AFB with SERA

Come by the ASTi booth for a live demonstration of SERA providing complex pattern scenarios at Randolph AFB. SERA's AI simulates both Hangover and Randolph towers, each with specific ATC behaviors for T-6 and T-38 training. ASTi will also introduce a brand new Multi-Ownship feature, allowing multiple students to participate in a shared, immersive ATC environment.

Royal Air Force Presenting at I/ITSEC on the Impacts of Simulated ATC Environment (SATCE) on Military Aviators Using SERA

Thursday, November 30th, Room W307D, 9-9:30AM
Presented By: Jonathan Allsop, R&D Psychologist, RAF Central Flying School

The use of flight simulators in flying training has become increasingly prevalent due to advances in technology and the benefits that they offer. Advances have led to high levels of fidelity in terms of flight dynamics and systems representation. In relative contrast, little attention has been directed towards the psychological fidelity of simulators, which currently means that core aspects of airmanship (e.g., communication, decision-making, situational awareness) are often not adequately fostered by their use. Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE) solutions offer an under-examined method to partially address these shortfalls. To examine this, a virtual reality based commercial-off-the-shelf flight simulator was coupled with SATCE software. The software injected representative airborne entities into the simulator and provided interactive Air Traffic Control (ATC) via natural language processing. Eighteen participants completed two flight tasks: a normal circuits task, and a general handling task. These tasks were completed in several conditions which were randomised across participants: (1) sterile control conditions, where the SATCE was not enabled, (2) ATC alone enabled, (3) both ATC and entities enabled. Workload, situational awareness, instructor ratings of flight performance, presence, and system voice recognition accuracy were measured. Results showed that overall workload only increased when both ATC and airborne entities were injected into the simulator. The results from the situational awareness measure, suggest that this was due to the increased attentional demands inherent within this condition. Ratings of presence increased in the ATC alone condition. Voice recognition accuracy was acceptable but could have been improved through more regional-specific amendments to the speech recognition engine. In conclusion, a SATCE offers a promising method to increase the workload and attentional demands placed on aviators in simulators. Further work is required to test SATCE solutions, in an experimentally controlled manner, during actual flying training pipelines.

ASTi’s SERA at Lockheed Martin Innovation Demonstration Center (IDC) located in Orlando,FL

SERA integrates directly with multiple networked Prepar3D® visual simulation systems, one of which simulates the control tower at Pueblo Memorial Airport in Colorado. Featuring a panoramic control tower view, this scenario demonstrates simulation capabilities for initial pilot training.

SERA Demo Center at ASTi

ASTi recently completed setup of a dedicated SERA demonstration space at its Herndon, VA headquarters. You should arrange a date to visit our office to see SERA in action, and fly in our immersive ATC communications environment. Empty skies are quiet and boring. Enrich your training with SERA, and enrich your life by spending some quality time with your favorite ASTi engineers. We also have snacks.

Five Kay, Okay?

We are sponsoring the I/ITSEC 5K Walk/Run/Roll again this year, and it's not too late to register!

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