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ASTi's voice-over-IP communications and audio systems deliver an immersive, realistic training experience and equip trainees for action. Our products are fielded in a diverse range of applications, from embedded comms and audio subsystems in the world's most sophisticated full-flight simulators to software plugins that extend the training capabilities of serious games.

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Does your program require a comms solution? Do you want to better understand ASTi’s product portfolio? To learn how ASTi solutions pertain to your environment, architecture, or system requirements, check out our Product and Solutions Overview Presentation.

This provides a remote teleconference or local presentation of our products and solutions, including SERA, Telestra, Voisus, and Unified Comms. Based on a brief phone interview, ASTi can tailor the content to fit your needs. You’ll receive a one to two-hour briefing followed by Q&A.

For more information or to schedule an overview session, please contact ASTi.

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