Audio & I/O Distribution


The Audio Communications Environment Network (ACENet) is ASTi’s innovative solution for distributing professional-grade audio over Ethernet. ACENet technology is a standard feature of the Target sound and communications platform, ACE Communications Units (ACU/ACU2), ACE-Remote Interface Units (ACE-RIU) audio interface network modules, and select 3rd party network capable audio amplifiers. ACENet realizes low-noise and low-latency transport of digitized audio and control signaling between Targets and associated ACENet devices.

Compatible with: Telestra, Voisus


Pure Sound: ACENet audio is sampled at a 48kHz rate, and is uncompressed producing incredible signal-to-noise ratios, and eliminating compression artifacts, such as ringing, warbling, drop-outs, and hissing.

Fast Delivery: Delivers digital audio between Target, ACUs, ACU2s, ACE-RIUs, and select 3rd party Audio Amps in less than 6 milliseconds.

Software Reconfigurable: Compatible with 802.3 Ethernet and VLANs, enabling audio network reconfiguration using software instead of physically relocating hardware.

Go Long: ACENet architecture supports cascading Ethernet switches and fiber optic media. The distance between Targets and remote ACENet devices can reach thousands of feet.

Reduced Setup and Install Costs: Save time and money by using commercial Ethernet switches and cabling to interconnect ACENet devices.

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ACE Remote Interface Unit (ACE-RIU) is a compact 48kHz digital and audio distribution module that connects remotely located operator headsets, speakers, and control panels to the ACENet network.

Compatible with: Telestra, Voisus


Configurable Front-End: Adjustable amplifiers provide flexiblity to connect with a wide variety of commercial and military headsets, speakers, and mics. (Use the ACU for applications requiring software-configurable amplification.)

Radio-Over-IP: Connect ACE-RIUs to live comms such as: radios, intercom systems, and E&M voice cards.

Discrete Control Interfaces: One digital input and output per channel. Digital inputs sense external switches, and digital outputs switch external devices under software control.

Serial I/O ports: Plug-and-Play interface for operator panels like the Hand-Held Terminal and ASTi SINCGARS.

Compatible with Legacy Ancillary Equipment: ACE-RIU drops into installations that used the DACS RIU, making it an elegant choice for facility updates. Customers can re-use DACS RIU equipment including: analog/control cables, headsets, PTTs and HHTs.

Compact and Rugged: 4 channel module fits applications from desktop to industrial "rack-and-stack."

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The ACU2 provides remote interfacing of audio and I/O peripherals over ASTi's Ethernet-based ACENet architecture. The ACU2 expands on the ACU devices with stereo support and reduced size

Compatible with: Telestra, Voisus


High Fidelity Audio: 48 kHz digital audio distribution and balanced pro-audio style interfaces.

Software Configurable: Adjustable amp/preamp gains and mic power selection to accommodate a wide range of audio peripherals such as military and commercials headsets, audio amps, speakers, mics, recording equipment, and real radio/communications equipment.

Serial Data Ports: Plug and play controls interface for simulated communications panels, Hand-held Terminal, and live radio control, into the communications environment.

Integrated Discrete Control Interfaces: Configurable digital/analog I/O provide direct integration of PTT units and volume controls. Analog inputs may operate in digital mode (contact closure sensing), or as a conventional 8-bit analog inputs.

Stereo Support: Stereo operation (independent left and right output) is supported on a single connector, greatly reducing cabling complexity and installation footprint for applications requiring stereo operators.

Reduced Footprint: Each ACU2 supports four configurable mono/stereo operator positions in a single compact unit. At one-fourth the size of the ACU, the ACU2 fits easily on a desktop. In addition, mounting two ACU2 units side-by-side in 1U 19” rack space provides 8 mono/stereo operator positions.

Power Daisy Chain: A convenient power daisy chain connection allows operation of two ACU2 units from a single power supply.

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The ASTi Interface - Single (AI-S) is a compact audio distribution device that connects remotely located operator headsets, speakers, control panels, and other peripherals to the Voisus network via Ethernet.

Compatible with: Voisus


Stereo Support: Stereo operation (independent left and right output) is supported on a single connector, reducing cabling complexity and installation footprint for applications requiring stereo operators.

Reduced Footprint: The AI-S has a compact footprint and fits easily on a desktop.

Software Configurable: Adjustable preamp gains and sidetone for easy, direct connection to a variety of audio/communications systems and peripherals.

Serial Data Port: Provides a convenient control interface for ASTi Hand-Held Terminals (HHTs), simulated panels, and live radio control.

Integrated I/O: Configurable digital and analog I/O for direct connection of PTT units, volume controls, switch detection, radio PTT activation, and other control applications.

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