Boeing P-8A Poseidon Flight Simulator

Test Bench Tool for Model Verification requirements

Large, complex communications models are inherently difficult and time consuming to properly test and verify through multiple release cycles. ASTi developed the Test Bench Tool (TBT) to assist in this process for the P-8A program. TBT reduces the time it typically takes to test models by as much as 75 percent.

TBT facilitates accurate, reliable and repeatable model acceptance testing. Using this custom, integrated application all state data needed to drive the models through an extensive matrix of test conditions is stored and recalled for successive testing. Test results are stored and processed to create a summarized final report document.

Diskless Operation

All Telestras involved in the P8 simulation are configured to run in a diskless mode without a hard drive. This requires booting over the network from a central server.

Since the simulation includes extensive record and replay functions to support MAP simulation and After Action Review (AAR) requirements, record and replay operation is completed over the network via an iSCSI-based Storage Area Network (SAN) array. Over 20 streams of audio can be recorded, with the ability to simultaneously play selected streams in support of the MAP simulation.