Boeing P-8A Poseidon Flight Simulator

Mission Crew Workstation (MCW) Operators

The MCW simulates the Mission Audio Panel (MAP) capabilities using custom modeling to accurately represent the behavior, including:

  • Binaural distribution of audio assets
  • Control and mixing of up to 36 communications assets, including radios, intercom stations, Navigation Aids, and high-fidelity sonar audio
  • Simulation of MAP record/replay capabilities
  • Simulated security interlock functions and asset-by-asset security level control

The MCW station includes the use of a common JBOX interface consisting of interface control and logic for a binaural headset, oxygen mask, external speaker and push-to-talk (PTT) interfaces.

Flight Deck Operators

The flight deck assets were developed using custom modeling to simulate aircraft panels including the FDACP and FDMCP, for three crew members.

The Flight Deck Audio Control Panel (FDACP) is a variant of the original 737 panel, and allows the management of 16 independent communications assets. The panel includes support for stereo audio and contains all the necessary logic to simulate a real FDACP, including PTT, audio routing, asset selection and audio mixing.

The Flight Deck Mission Control Panel (FDMCP) allows selection and management of mission assets for the flight deck crew, and includes built-in simulation of security interlock features similar to the MAP functions. Audio for each flight deck crew member is routed to a binaural headset and overhead speaker with an interface to a headset and handset microphone input.