Boeing P-8A Poseidon Flight Simulator

Instructor and Role Players

A complex and expansive Instructor Operator Station (IOS) supports:

  • Extensive role playing capability, using a large pool of role player communication assets including LOS, SATCOM, and HF radios
  • Voice disguise capability, allowing a role player to apply effects to transmitted audio in real time
  • Automated transmission from role player radios, using the integrated text-to-speech (TTS) feature
  • Scenario appropriate radio chatter selected from a library of sound files, transmitted via role player assets on specific frequencies
  • Ability to mix realistic background environmental noise into instructor radio transmissions
  • Instructor override and tie-in functionality for enhanced communication between instructor and trainee

Radio Fidelity

The system uses ASTi's full-range of realistic radio effects including line-of-sight (LOS) propagation effects, irregular terrain effects, HF environmental factors, and SATCOM.

The full suite of mission and flight deck radio communications assets were modeled using ASTi built-in radio modeling capabilities. In addition, a simulated custom ARC-210 radio was developed, which includes an integrated frequency scanning state machine that accurately reproduces real equipment behavior including scan frequency order, rate, dwell time and push-to-talk (PTT) logic.